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June 2016 (2)

#30 Campsite Changes

Laela (#1)
A few changes happened today to campsites and their stats:
- Cookery provisions now decay by 5% each day. This is only food that has been "cooked", not food in the stockpile. It doesn't affect kitchen utensils.
- Foundations that are above the max defense decay by up to 5% each day up to the maximum defense. This means if your foundations show as 1000/100, the next day they will be at 950/100. On the other hand, if they are at 101/100, they will only decay to 100/100.
- Walls that are above the maximum foundations decay by up to 5% too, but also never drop below the current maximum.

Edit: These campsite stats were decaying too fast when it should only happen once a day. This has been fixed with the following changes to active campsite stats:
- Defenses (foundations and walls) are set to 5x their maximum value. They will naturally decay over the next month to their maximum value. If you gain members during this time, then you might not need to build.
- Cookery is now set to +100 per player over the maximum cookery amount. This will also decay over time, or when you normally use it up.
Posted on the 18th of June 2016
#29 New Register Codes

Laela (#1)
We're going to release a few new codes tomorrow and Sunday throughout the day (not all at once). If you have friends who want to join, this weekend is a good time to check for codes!
Posted on the 17th of June 2016

May 2016 (2)

#28 Unreleased Content

Laela (#1)
Hey guys.
It's come to our attention that some of our unreleased content has been leaking and been discussed. While we cannot stop you from searching for unreleased things, we hope you understand we want to be the ones to control how our unreleased stuff is going to be released. Posting about it on-site is an absolute "not okay" from us - we will be adding a rule to our Terms of Service to this effect. But posting out of Ari is really not okay with us either.

If we wanted this content released, or if we thought it was ready to be released, it would be released already. We wouldn't be painstakingly preparing a larger update if we thought releasing items one-by-one or explore images one-by-one was better than making them available in one go.

I believe we've mentioned elsewhere that Arillio is a work of love, and discussing content that has not been officially released, might not be officially released, or might be completely not ready to be released, hurts the enthusiasm and fervor we have to finish it. I and Ae hope you understand this, and respect our wishes.
Posted on the 9th of May 2016
#27 New Accessories

Aeryn (#3)
There aren't many merchants out there who can honestly say they can give you the moon, but Valentine can! (Of course, he won't just give it to you. He'll sell it to you.)

Among Valentine's wares you will now find a glorious full Moon in several colour variations, four basic backgrounds in gloomy post-apocalyptic tones, and a mysterious Park Foreground. You can use these accessories separately or combine them together to create a lovely nighttime scene.

There are more updates on the horizon, where you can expect the Explore to become a bit... darker.
Posted on the 7th of May 2016

April 2016 (1)

#26 Explore Updates & RP Forum

Aeryn (#3)
Explore Updates

Ever wanted to know what the bridgewolves look like, or missed something important that happened to you while exploring? Well, as you might have noticed, some of the existing Explore events are now accompanied by an image!

Also, if you see the energy requirements for some activities changing in the coming days, don't be alarmed - you're not hallucinating from hunger. We're adjusting them so that they will better reflect the distances and effort required to do certain things, especially when compared to other events.

New Forum

Under the General section of the forums, you'll find a brand new Roleplaying Forum for all your roleplaying needs. Check it out here!

P.S. There's a rumour that Valentine will be expanding his selection of wares next week.
Posted on the 28th of April 2016

November 2015 (1)

#25 Updates

Aeryn (#3)

Do you have more twigs than you know what to do with? Now you can chuck your campsite's extra twigs, dry leaves, pinecones, sticks of wood, and sheets of paper into an already burning fire! Small and light as they are, you can expect these items to burn quicker than regular logs of wood.

You can now carve wooden bowls on the Crafting page. It's an easy craft that requires no prior experience; all you need is a piece of wood and a hunting knife. A new quest to craft wooden bowls has also been added to site quests.

We also made small adjustments to a couple of crafting requirements. Most notably, the fishing pole and sharp stick now require a lower Crafting stat than before, which means pets new to crafting can start making these items sooner!
Posted on the 24th of November 2015

May 2015 (2)

#24 Campsite Bug Fix

Laela (#1)
The campsite bug should be fixed. If your campsite lost players due to inactivity, you should see defenses/medical/cookery at values above their max. This is normal: walls and tools that have been "stocked" won't be unstocked when you lose players, even though you will have to work with the new max limit from now on. You'll be able to use medical tools and foodstuffs until they eventually go below your new max, at which point you'll have to stock them up again.

Effective defenses and cookery/medical bonuses remain at their max of 100% (before Fire bonus). This means if your new max Foundations is 100 and you've built Foundations and Walls up to 200 previously, they will act as 100% Walls. If they are destroyed in attacks and you lose 50, you'll still be at 100% defense (with 150/100 Walls). The bonuses for Medical tools cap at +50% like before, and Cookery at +100% despite their values being above the new max.

The campsite stats got rolled back to their previous state before the players were kicked for inactivity.
Posted on the 7th of May 2015
#23 Butterflies & Campsites

Aeryn (#3)
With the arrival of springtime, it seems we have some new butterflies fluttering about! You might spot these lovely creatures while doing certain explore activities in the field, farm, and the forest.

In other news, players who have been inactive for a month are now automatically removed from campsites. Note that there is a bug we're working on fixing, which dropped all stats to 100% if they were above it. This will be fixed by capping stats at 100% but retaining their original values (so they can temporarily go above the max if some players leave the camp).
Posted on the 5th of May 2015

December 2014 (1)

#22 Merry Christmas!

Aeryn (#3)
Merry Christmas, everyone! Word has it that if you pay Valentine a visit either today or tomorrow (25th-26th), there might be free stuff involved. Find him in his usual spot and see for yourself!
Posted on the 25th of December 2014

October 2014 (1)

#21 Recent Changes & New Items

Laela (#1)
New Stuff:

Background - Riverside, Riverside Water, and Rocks (Foreground) are now available from Valentine.

Recent Campsite Changes:
- Cookery will now drain 1 "Kitchen Utensil" per 100 Provisions used. This means if you feed your pet to 15 Satiation, your Utensils will drop by 0.15 and need to be replenished. The Medical Tent will work in a similar manner, but Medical Tools will be used at a rate of 1 per 5 Healing Supplies (like your Karma).

- Cookery now rounds food up to the nearest decimal point (instead of only whole numbers).

- In addition to the Energy requirement (35 per attack), attacking other Campsites now requires Satiation and Thirst, as well as 10 Energy from the player. This gives an advantage to larger campsites and cooperation, while limiting the damage a single player with an army of pets can cause.

- The 'Leave Campsite' button has been moved to the Players tab. I'm not sure how people were hitting it by accident, but leaving a campsite should be more of a deliberate action now.

- Karma (both positive and negative) will decay every day. It will take about 13 days for 1000 Karma to decay into just over 500 (or -1000 into -500), assuming complete inactivity on your part. This will make Karma a bit more fluid and a measure of your continued involvement in camp life instead of a permanent position you achieve and then don't need to keep working towards.
Posted on the 16th of October 2014

September 2014 (3)

#20 Strange Serum & Small Fixes

Laela (#1)
Strange Serum is now available from the General Store. This item lets you add a marking of your choice to any pet, or remove a marking, or change their base and eye color. (To add two markings you need two serums, to replace a marking you also need two: one to remove it, one to add a different marking.)

Small fixes:
- Notebooks can now be traded.
- Training page will now show pets who are training by time remaining.
- Messages page now shows who posted last.
Posted on the 8th of September 2014
#19 Recent Changes & Item Testing

Laela (#1)
Five random testers have been picked from Valentine's profile notes. Willowstar (#91), Ryuu (#127), Icequeenz (#128), Malfunction (#73), Rei (#122): you should have received one of these. You can use them from your pet's pages by choosing "Use Item". After you've done so, please submit a report letting us know if it went smoothly or if you encountered any problems.

These items will be up for sale tomorrow in the General Store, or whenever we have all the reports in, whichever comes first.

Recent Changes:
- Training page will now show your pets that are still in training.
- Campsite-specific private forums, in case you need a place to hide information from prying eyes.
Posted on the 7th of September 2014
#18 Recent Changes & Bug Fixes, Testers Wanted

Laela (#1)
Recent Changes & Bug Fixes:
- Main Forums page got a few small layout fixes.
- New General Chat forum added.
- Fixed a bug with your profile friends display, they should line up a bit more neatly now.
- Fixed a bug with Bags of Dust: if you opened any in the past few hours, you'll need to open them again (it didn't /actually/ credit you your Dust, nor did it remove your Bag).

New Stuff:
We need some testers! If you're interested in adding a marking to your starter pet (or changing their base color to whatever you like), leave a note on Valentine's Profile. We're picking five random ones tomorrow and sending them a special item. If you're one of the lucky winners, all you need to do is use the item and then leave a Report.
Posted on the 6th of September 2014

August 2014 (7)

#17 Recent Changes & Smithing

Laela (#1)
- Energy Boosts, Design Tokens, and Registration Scrolls are no longer available from Valentine/Explore, and are instead available from the General Store, accessible from every page through the links bar at the top.

New Stuff:
- Crafting Supplies now got some extra Smithing crafts that require Ores, Wood, and specific tools. Smithing also requires access to an active campsite fire, so there's another reason to keep that fire stoked.
- Smithing materials (Smithing Hammer and Axe) are now findable through Explore in addition to being craftable.
- The Axe can maybe help you in the Forest too.
- There are new quests available to Find and Make these new items.
Posted on the 31st of August 2014
#16 Pre-Release Phase & New Stuff

Laela (#1)
New Stuff:
- There is a new area to discover in Explore, a few new crafting options, two new quests, and some new feedable items to obtain!
- Background (City) and Dirt are now available from Valentine.

Pre-release Phase:
Today we're moving Arillio to Pre-release! Most features are done, so we're opening a few accounts to the public. :) New free codes will be out now and then on the pre-release page.
We'll be monitoring server load and performance during this time. As always, you can leave feedback on lag or bugs in the Player Feedback and Bug Reports forums.
Thank you for all your help with testing during the alpha phase!
Posted on the 29th of August 2014
#15 Shelter Order & News Index

Laela (#1)
New Stuff:
- You can now change the order of pets in your shelter. You'll find the link at the top of your shelter, next to the Latest Breedings link.
- We've got a News Index now, in case you want to read older news posts.

- Your pets' profiles will now let you switch active pets directly from their page as well as showing in training / in battle statuses for pets who are currently engaged.
Posted on the 28th of August 2014
#14 Feeding Pets & Crafting Changes

Laela (#1)
Recent Changes:
- Crafting Supplies now gives half the Crafting stat it used to. It was climbing too fast compared to the other stats and with the recent daily switch changes this was made even easier. All Crafting obtained until now won't be changed, so all your trained Crafting will be kept. You'll just gain it slower from now on.

New Stuff:
- You can now feed someone else's pet with your own supplies, as long as they have activated the option on the pet's profile. By default all pets are set to "Owner Only", but you can choose to let your friends (people you've friended) feed your pet, or everyone. Keep in mind your pet can get the infection or other diseases from food your friends (or other people) feed it, so there are pros and cons to consider when enabling this option.
Posted on the 26th of August 2014
#13 Recent Bug Fixes

Laela (#1)
- Pregnancy chance when breeding is now fixed, there were some problems yesterday with all (first) breedings resulting in pregnancies. It has been down to the correct percentage for a few hours now.

- Breeding was only adding to your breeding log when successful. Failed breeding attempts will now show in your breeding log along all the others. If you had entries in your breeding log before now, you can assume the female is pregnant (unless it went below 50 Health or to 0 Satiation).

The good news is we're going to get babies sooner than planned to test genetics! Go ahead and post them all here please! Let's see how everyone's attempts turn out.
Posted on the 25th of August 2014
#12 New Stuff: Breeding & Releasing Pets

Laela (#1)
- You can now breed your (same-species) pets together. There is a detailed Breeding Guide posted in the Arillio Help forum.

- You'll find a link to your Latest Breedings page when viewing your Shelter. This shows all your breedings in the past five days, successful or not, to help you keep track.

- You can now get rid of unwanted pets without having to trade/sell them, through a button at the bottom of your pets' pages: "Release Pet".
Posted on the 24th of August 2014
#11 New Stuff: Pet Transfers

Laela (#1)
You can now transfer pets to another player without having to put them up for sale publicly or to friends. Pet transfers are a new form of direct sales where you choose which player to send them to and the Gold amount. While a pet is up for transfer it cannot be bought by anyone else, even if you set up a price. The transfer stays active until you cancel it or the other player buys your pet.

You can transfer pets directly from their page. To prevent notification spam, you do not get a notification when a pet is put up for transfer for you (sellers must contact buyers through other means), but you do get a notification when buying/selling a pet via direct transfers.
Posted on the 19th of August 2014

July 2014 (3)

#10 Pet Searching & Training & Butterflies

Laela (#1)
Recent changes:

- Daily switches are gone now. Exploring now requires your Energy as well as your pet's: you spend half what your pet normally does. This means that if you're Fishing (5 Energy) your pet will spend 5 Energy on each of those actions but you will spend only 2.5 (if your pet is thirsty they may spend more, but you will always spend 2.5).

- When you give your pet an Energy Boost they recover 45 Energy, you recover 20 Energy (both you and your pet to a max of 100). You cannot use Energy Boosts on yourself. This may change later, we'll adjust as necessary.

- Crafting requires only your pet's Energy. You can now have any number of pets devoted to crafting since there are no switch limits. Satiation is not currently required to craft, but will be in a future update. (So for now you can starve your crafters and still use them.)

- Battles now give double +STR/DEF.

New stuff:

- You'll find a Search link in the main links bar. This will let you search for a number of things, one of which being pets that are up for sale! Hopefully this will come in handy as people start getting more pets. :)

- You can now train pets you are not actively exploring with. You can train pets that have been fed to more than 14 Satiation and that are currently at 100 Energy. You can only train them in pairs, as they will fight each other (and hopefully not come to harm) for a few hours. After the time is up, you'll get a notification that'll tell you exactly how they did.

- Morpho Butterflies! There's four different Butterflies available from Val's shop: Flying, Front, Left, Right. These are items you can place anywhere on your pets.
Posted on the 28th of July 2014
#9 Upcoming Changes

Laela (#1)
- Because we're soon adding a couple of features that will let you use your inactive pets, we need to change the 'daily switches'. Since you explore with your pets, you will now have your own energy and be able to switch between pets however you like. Each explore action will spend your energy, as well as your pet's, but only half that amount: this means if you "Pick Up Flowers" your pet will spend 2 Energy but you will spend 1. You'll gain energy at the same rate as your pets, but it will essentially be "worth" double for exploring purposes.

- Crafting will be unaffected - your pets will be able to craft as much as they want as long as they have energy for it. You won't need energy to craft. Your own energy is strictly for exploring.

- You'll be able to switch pets at will from now on, with no penalties, as many times as you like. This means you can feed all your pets in the campsite cookery, if you want.

These changes are not in effect yet, but will be applied in the next couple of days. We'll post news with more updates soon!
Posted on the 24th of July 2014
#8 Item Equips & Terms of Service Changes

Laela (#1)
Terms of Service changes:
There is a new entry under Accounts & Transactions:
#3 Arillio properties (Gold, items, and pets) cannot be sold for USD, EUR, or any other real currency. Arillio-related art can be sold for real currency as long as it is an original work ("traces" or digital manipulations of Arillio art cannot be sold for real currency).
The rest of our Terms of Service remains the same. You can review it at any time from the link at the bottom of every site page.

Item Equips
There is a new option on your pets' pages: Equip Items. This will take you to a new page where you'll be able to decorate your pets with some new items. You'll find a few new ones waiting for you with your usual dealer of goods, but everyone has a special Alpha item in their inventory: the Beach background.

Items Shown: Background - Forest, Scattered Grass, Tree - Foreground, Dust Motes
Posted on the 19th of July 2014

June 2014 (7)

#7 Invites

Aeryn (#3)
Everyone who used their previous invite code has a new one available on the Invite page. (Please note new accounts have not received invite codes at this time.)

To those who have just joined us: welcome! You will find the gameplay guide here, and any bugs you come across can be reported here. If you had an account on the old Arillio, be sure to post here to receive your reward!
Posted on the 27th of June 2014
#6 Recent Changes & More Invites

Laela (#1)
Recent changes:
- Our Terms of Service are clearer now regarding swearing and advertisements. There are two new entries under General Access & Content Guidelines:
#5: We allow our players to curse/swear on the forums, public chats, and private messages. However, it must not be directed at any particular person. In other words, you're free to curse, just not at people.

#6: Advertisements and discussions about ongoing transactions are allowed in the chat rooms as long as they are related to Arillio and are not disruptive (if your previous ad is still visible in the chat, don't post another). In the forums, all sale, trade, and wanted ads must be posted in the appropriate forum, with no more than one thread per subject. Private messages, profile notes, and any other player-to-player means of communication may not be used for sending unsolicited ads.

- Items that give you less than 1 Sat cannot be used in your campsite's Cookery now. You can use them to feed your pets from their page, though.

- A new item, Sugar Packet, can now be found here and there. Some existing items have become rarer. We are still adjusting item and area rarities.

- New batch of invite codes will be out this Friday. If you have used up your code, a new one will show up on the Invite page.
Posted on the 25th of June 2014
#5 Campsite Join Bug

Laela (#1)
If you tried to join a campsite in the past 24h and couldn't, try again! The bug preventing you from joining should be fixed now. :)
Posted on the 22nd of June 2014
#4 Energy Boost update

Laela (#1)
Energy Boosts are changing value next Friday. This affects the following premium kits:
- Starter Kit: 2x Energy Boost (instead of 4)
- Explorer Kit: 5x Energy Boost (instead of 10)
- Energy Kit: 25x Energy Boost (instead of 50)

Any kits you buy until then will give you the same number of Energy Boosts as they do now. Once the Premium page is updated to reflect these changes you will get less Energy Boosts per kit you buy, but this will only happen on Friday, 28th. Be sure to check the page before you buy, as it will always have the most updated prices and item lists.

This change will also reflect on your friendly merchant: he will adjust Energy Boost prices to 24 Gold (instead of 12 Gold). The other ways to obtain Energy Boosts (in Explore) will not be changed.

In other news, said merchant has received an image update. He'll be there to greet you with a fresh look from now on!
Posted on the 21st of June 2014
#3 Recent Changes & Invites (Again)

Laela (#1)
Recent changes:
- The Players tab in your campsite now shows each person's karma.
- Campsites now allow you to remove items from the stockpile (Take from Stockpile link in the Stockpile tab) by paying in karma.
- Some items that didn't have karma/dust values previously will now give you karma/dust when you add them to your campsite's stockpile / discard them.

Click this link for your very own unique invite code. This is a one-time invite code you can give to any friend as long as you charge them nothing for it.
A quick reminder from our Terms of Service:
We allow only one account per player. Accounts on the same IP address must be separately active, with no more than 3 total item and/or pet transfers per month.
Posted on the 20th of June 2014
#2 Recent Changes & Invites!

Laela (#1)
Recent changes:
- Some bugs were squashed!
- Some explore events now have more possible outcomes so you will hopefully come across less repeats.
- When your pet has 90+ Energy and 0 Satiation, you are able to send them out to fend for themselves. They used to return with 0 Energy but 15 Satiation. They will now return with an extra +50 Thirst.

This Friday 20th we'll be giving everyone one free invite code. You can't charge anything for these invites, and you don't have to use them, but if you have someone in mind who might like Arillio, feel free to invite them!
Posted on the 16th of June 2014
#1 Welcome to Arillio!

Laela (#1)
Hi, and welcome to Arillio! We hope you enjoy your time here!

A few things you should know before playing though:

- Here is where you should report bugs. The Report System is available through a link at the bottom of every page, just click it, and make a new report. Something broken? Found a bug? Your browser is not enjoying Arillio? Let us know. This is a time for testing and making sure things work, and we will be thankful if you help us with it.

- Here is our basic gameplay guide. You're free to just wander off and play on your own, but you might want to take a look at this if you're stuck. Here is where you can find other guides and where you may post threads if you need help with something specific.

- Did you play in the old Arillio? Make sure you post here to get a Gold reward. Keep in mind while we're keeping the same apocalypse theme, this is a completely different site with different gameplay and management, so we cannot retrieve information regarding items or pets you may have had.

- For alpha only: if you want to change your starter pet, please put in a ticket. You can change it once to any one-marking normal (not infected) custom. Be sure to include the breed, gender, base color, and eye color you want, as well as your one optional marking.
Posted on the 13th of June 2014
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