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Arillio Terms of Service

General Access & Content Guidelines

  1. These Terms of Service govern your access to Arillio. By using this site you agree to follow these terms. Players that don't follow these rules will be dealt with at the discretion of the Admin team, with punishments up to and including loss of Gold, items, or account access.
  2. You must be at least 16 years old to play Arillio. Arillio is focused on a post-apocalyptic world, and contains blood and gore, alcohol and drug use, and violent themes. Arillio does not contain sexual content.
  3. All content posted on Arillio must be in English. Chatspeak is not allowed in the public areas of Arillio (forums, profiles, chats).
  4. Arillio is intended as a safe and fun environment, and we expect our players to treat one another with respect and dignity. Harassment, scamming, begging behaviors, or insults are all offenses that may lead to loss of your account. You should always respect a moderator's requests. If you believe a moderator's request to be unreasonable, you may appeal to the Admin team through the private Contact form.
  5. We allow our players to curse/swear on the forums, public chats, and private messages. However, it must not be directed at any particular person. In other words, you're free to curse, just not at people.
  6. Advertisements and discussions about ongoing transactions are allowed in the chat rooms as long as they are related to Arillio and are not disruptive (if your previous ad is still visible in the chat, don't post another). In the forums, all sale, trade, and wanted ads must be posted in the appropriate forum, with no more than one thread per subject. Private messages, profile notes, and any other player-to-player means of communication may not be used for sending unsolicited ads.
  7. You may link to similar sites, but we do not allow linking to sites that contain any sort of mature content. This includes other sites with depictions of violence, alcohol and drug use, or blood and gore. While we control the degree to which this content is shown on Arillio and believe it is used as an appropriate literary device, we have no such control over other sites.
  8. Arillio is presented as a finished site, but it is possible that players come across exploitable areas or functionalities. Exploiting these for personal gain is an offense punishable by a permanent account ban. If you are unsure whether a specific occurrence is an unintended exploit, you should report it to the Admin team right away.
  9. You may not divulge any information we have not publicly released. This includes unreleased content that you may come across that is not part of normal browsing of the site, and also content that is not immediately available through Explore. You may post information about content already available in Explore, but always post this information under the spoiler tags.
  10. Any personal information that identifies you (your real name, address or specific location, birthday, personal pictures, etc) cannot be posted in our public areas (forums, chats, or profiles). You may post your country and/or state. You may post your off-site contacts (instant messenger handles, email, profiles on other similar sites) in your profile, as long as they do not personally identify you (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc are all not allowed).

Accounts & Transactions

  1. We allow only one account per player. Accounts on the same IP address must be separately active, with no more than 3 total item and/or pet transfers per month.
  2. Accounts may not be shared by players. Each account belongs to only one player, who is responsible for all that happens on their own account.
  3. Arillio properties (Gold, items, and pets) cannot be sold for USD, EUR, or any other real currency. Arillio-related art can be sold for real currency as long as it is an original work ("traces" or digital manipulations of Arillio art cannot be sold for real currency).
  4. Arillio Gold, items, and pets cannot be sold for other site currency. You may only trade for these with other Arillio things.
  5. Accounts may only be sold through our Account Sale service, and require a Gold payment. The Account Sale service is provided by a member of the Admin team, and includes any relevant email and username changes. You may only sell an account if you are leaving the game, and while you may charge off-site currency for the entirety of an account, you cannot sell specific items or Gold.
  6. When the account is being sold to an active Arillio player there is a grace period of seven days when the extra account does not count towards the total accounts per player. This period allows the buyer to transfer all Arillio properties to their new account, but will not allow the buyer to take advantage of account-limited "daily" features. After this period, one of the accounts must be deactivated.
  7. Usernames may be changed at any time via a Registration Scroll, but this requires a Gold payment. Email addresses are permanently bound to an account, except in cases where the Account Sale service is used.
  8. We reserve the right to deactivate accounts left inactive for a period of over six months. Any login to the account counts towards account activity. You do not need to take any action beyond logging in to keep your account active.
  9. All trades that have gone through our Trade system are final.
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