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Campsite Changes

Laela (#1)
A few changes happened today to campsites and their stats:
- Cookery provisions now decay by 5% each day. This is only food that has been "cooked", not food in the stockpile. It doesn't affect kitchen utensils.
- Foundations that are above the max defense decay by up to 5% each day up to the maximum defense. This means if your foundations show as 1000/100, the next day they will be at 950/100. On the other hand, if they are at 101/100, they will only decay to 100/100.
- Walls that are above the maximum foundations decay by up to 5% too, but also never drop below the current maximum.

Edit: These campsite stats were decaying too fast when it should only happen once a day. This has been fixed with the following changes to active campsite stats:
- Defenses (foundations and walls) are set to 5x their maximum value. They will naturally decay over the next month to their maximum value. If you gain members during this time, then you might not need to build.
- Cookery is now set to +100 per player over the maximum cookery amount. This will also decay over time, or when you normally use it up.
Posted on the 18th of June 2016 | Discuss These News (5 Comments)
New Register Codes

Laela (#1)
We're going to release a few new codes tomorrow and Sunday throughout the day (not all at once). If you have friends who want to join, this weekend is a good time to check for codes!
Posted on the 17th of June 2016 | Discuss These News (1 Comments)
Unreleased Content

Laela (#1)
Hey guys.
It's come to our attention that some of our unreleased content has been leaking and been discussed. While we cannot stop you from searching for unreleased things, we hope you understand we want to be the ones to control how our unreleased stuff is going to be released. Posting about it on-site is an absolute "not okay" from us - we will be adding a rule to our Terms of Service to this effect. But posting out of Ari is really not okay with us either.

If we wanted this content released, or if we thought it was ready to be released, it would be released already. We wouldn't be painstakingly preparing a larger update if we thought releasing items one-by-one or explore images one-by-one was better than making them available in one go.

I believe we've mentioned elsewhere that Arillio is a work of love, and discussing content that has not been officially released, might not be officially released, or might be completely not ready to be released, hurts the enthusiasm and fervor we have to finish it. I and Ae hope you understand this, and respect our wishes.
Posted on the 9th of May 2016 | Discuss These News (3 Comments)
New Accessories

Aeryn (#3)
There aren't many merchants out there who can honestly say they can give you the moon, but Valentine can! (Of course, he won't just give it to you. He'll sell it to you.)

Among Valentine's wares you will now find a glorious full Moon in several colour variations, four basic backgrounds in gloomy post-apocalyptic tones, and a mysterious Park Foreground. You can use these accessories separately or combine them together to create a lovely nighttime scene.

There are more updates on the horizon, where you can expect the Explore to become a bit... darker.
Posted on the 7th of May 2016 | Discuss These News (0 Comments)
Explore Updates & RP Forum

Aeryn (#3)
Explore Updates

Ever wanted to know what the bridgewolves look like, or missed something important that happened to you while exploring? Well, as you might have noticed, some of the existing Explore events are now accompanied by an image!

Also, if you see the energy requirements for some activities changing in the coming days, don't be alarmed - you're not hallucinating from hunger. We're adjusting them so that they will better reflect the distances and effort required to do certain things, especially when compared to other events.

New Forum

Under the General section of the forums, you'll find a brand new Roleplaying Forum for all your roleplaying needs. Check it out here!

P.S. There's a rumour that Valentine will be expanding his selection of wares next week.
Posted on the 28th of April 2016 | Discuss These News (0 Comments)
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