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Arillio Privacy Policy

  1. Arillio will not sell, trade or otherwise disclose any user information to third parties unless required by law. Some of your information, like your email and login name (but not your password), is made available to the Admin Team.
  2. Arillio uses cookies to track your actions on the site. These cookies help the system recognize you as a member, and allow you to login to your account.
  3. While we do not routinely search through our players' message inboxes, there can be no expectation of privacy regarding these. In order to ensure the safety of our players, if messages are reported to us, we may need to access your message history to determine if it is a legitimate complaint.
  4. If you choose to make payments to Arillio through PayPal we will keep your PayPal email address and unique PayPal transaction ID in our database. This information is used solely to credit your account with the purchased gold and/or items. We never keep your real name, location, or any other identifying information in our database, and PayPal never shares your credit card information with us.
  5. You are responsible for the safety of your account information and personal information. Arillio cannot be held liable if you disclose your account information to a third party, either directly or indirectly. Passwords are encrypted in our database and cannot be retrieved, only altered.
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