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Alpha & Pre-release Information

Alpha Testing Phase - 14th June 2014

Arillio will first open to 20 players during an alpha period. During this time we will be monitoring the site for any issues (gameplay balance, bugs, etc). This is a closed alpha: we will be inviting the first twenty players by email.

Alpha testers will receive accounts free of charge with some starting Gold amount.

Pre-release Phase - 29th August 2014

Following the alpha phase, Arillio will enter a pre-release phase. During this time we will open a fixed number of accounts, both free and paid.

Pre-release accounts start at $5, and come with 500 Arillio Gold (over $5 worth). There is no gameplay advantage to owning a pre-release account other than the starting Gold and an early start.

Public Release - date TBA

Following these two closed phases Arillio will open publicly. Public accounts will be free of charge but won't come with any items or Gold.

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