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In the year 2021, the world ended.

It was not global warming or overpopulation that finally proved to be our undoing. It was something much more sinister.

It is not known exactly how it started. Most sources point to an ordinary spring day in the city of Arillio where, as oblivious people went about their daily routines, an incident occurred that resulted in an outbreak of a new virus. Even though not much was discovered about its origins, it was soon understood that this disease was unlike any the world had seen before.

Despite attempts at containment, the virus spread rapidly across Arillio and beyond, ravaging humans and animals alike. No cure was found, and the infected could only pray for a quick passing as their minds gradually dimmed and their bodies decayed before their very eyes. Death, however, was a luxury this disease would not grant easily.

Within six months, panic and despair had sent the entire world into chaos. Infrastructures fell apart, ecosystems crumbled, and man-made laws became obsolete. Civilization stopped existing.

The infection is still out there. No one is safe. Those who have remained untouched now live on the ruins of the old world, struggling to survive the unsurvivable.

Struggling to survive the Living Death.

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